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The Serpents & Doves® Almighty luggage tag is the simple and classic talking piece accessory to attach to your backpack, luggage, guitar case, music or sports gear, and whatever else you can think of. With our printed Serpents & Doves® Almighty branding to one side and a clear insert card on the flip to lock in your S&D® address card in place ensures your goods will be kept well labeled.


  • Serpents & Doves® Almighty Prined Branding
  • Heavy Duty Rigid-Plastic Construction
  • Clear Faceplate Insert
  • 6 " Vinyl Loop
  • 1 S&D® Address Card Insert
  • 2 Additional S&D® Address Card Insert - Refills

S&D® Almighty Luggage Tag

Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Black
    • Approximate Dimensions: L 4.5 in. x W 2.5 in.
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