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The Time Is Now

Israeli Flag torn and tattered
Pray for Israel

The World just experienced a game changing moment. In all honesty, I can not emphasize strongly enough the impact that recent attack in Israel has exposed. You might be asking what I am talking about. “Pure Evil” is what I am talking about. The atrocities carried out against innocent women and children by Hamas is unrestrained evil at an unprecedented level, and where is the out cry? And especially, where is the outcry from born again believers. Stop and think for just a moment.

If this had happened anywhere else in the world, people would be marching in the streets. Think about what takes place in America when one individual is a victim of possible police brutality. Whole cities have been burned to the ground. When Russia invaded Ukraine, the worldwide outcry was resounding. People all over the world holding little Ukrainian flags in support of the Ukrainian people. Where is the solidarity with Israel? Little Children were shot in front of parents, the elderly in wheelchairs systematically executed. Where are the demonstrations in the streets? And more importantly where is the outcry from the born-again community?

My conclusion, the reason we are not seeing the outcry is for one reason and one reason alone. The atrocities that were carried out, were carried out on God’s chosen people, the Jewish Nation. Evil, apathy, and antisemitism has reached a new level, and it is only going to increase. So let me ask you a question, where is your heart and on what side of the line are you going to fall. Take a moment and read Mathew 25:34-40, and yes, I know that this is speaking specifically to the people that stand before God at the end of the tribulation, but like many passages and prophecies found in the Bible, the principals are relevant to our walk with God daily. So again, let me ask you where you stand and will you be bold as a lion and stand up loudly for the Nation of Israel. This is your “gut check” moment. It is time to take a stand.


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