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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The Word of God is very clear that no man knows the day or hour of His return. So, it's super important to make sure that we don't play church or be a Sunday Christian, but, remember that the Lord will come at an hour we do not expect. So, with that said, I would like to encourage you to be ready and be watchful for His return and live as if He will sound that last trumpet blast today!

repeat pattern of a sticker that says BE READY, CHRIST IS COMING.
This is not an explicit lyric warning, but more of an explicit timing notice...the Lord is coming back soon. Be Ready!
Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming. MT25.13

A Quick Re-Cap

The Apostle Paul was very clear in 1TH4.16-18 and 1CO15.51-53 about the event of the rapture and it’s description. The word rapture itself comes from Paul’s description of the church (body of believers) being “caught up” (1TH4.17), which is the Greek word harpazo. Harpazo was then translated to the Latin word raptus, which was then translated to English for the word which we now know as rapture.

I also mentioned previously that the rapture will take place prior to the seven year tribulation which will come upon the whole earth. Yes, there are differing opinions as to the timing of the rapture, however, I believe that the scriptural evidence for a pre-tribulational (before the tribulation) rapture is overwhelming and as such I am writing these series.

So, with that said, let’s continue with part two of a multi-part series in regards to the pre-tribulation rapture of the church.

NO ONE Knows The Day Or The Hour

One area that is often overlooked when discussing the rapture of the church is that of date setting. There have always been date setters when it comes to the “end of the world” or the rapture of the church. The only thing these individuals and/or groups have been able to accomplish is to make the church look like a bunch of ignorant morons and fools. It’s extremely important to remember what Jesus said in MT24.36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.” The word no one in greek means…NO ONE! I mean, that’s seems like a pretty straightforward part of scripture to understand. It may come as a surprise, like I said before, that there are many who think that this specific part of scripture does not apply to them. Sorry to break it to them, but, this applies to everybody. So, let’s get one thing crystal clear from the get go, NO ONE knows the day or the hour of His return prior to the rapture.

RE12.6 says that the Jewish people will be protected by God for the second half of the seven year tribulation for 1,260 days (three and a half years). And, DA9.27 says that the Anti-Christ will confirm a covenant with the Jewish nation for seven years (this is what starts the tribulation period by the way, not the rapture), and, half way through, he will break that covenant and he will persecute both christians and jews terribly like the world has never seen persecution. The second coming of Jesus Christ to earth will take place after the seven year tribulation. So, one can technically count 1,260 days from the half way point and know the day and I’m sure the hour of His return. This is not possible for church age believers, but perfectly possible for tribulation age believers. The only way one can know the “day and hour” of His return is if you’re in the tribulation…of which I highly advise against!!!

Does Anything Need To Happen Before The Rapture Can Take Place?

Well, the simple answer to that question is no, nothing needs to happen in order for the rapture of the church to take place. This is why the rapture of the church is often times referred to as the doctrine of Immanency, which is exactly what is means, that the return of Christ for His church is imminent. Imminent simply means that something is about to happen or occur. Some may argue that there are still prophecies that need to be fulfilled in order for that to happen, but, according to scripture, that’s not necessarily so.

There are events that point to the Lord’s Second Coming such as the re-unification of the State of Israel, the alliance of Russia, Turkey and Iran (Persia), the unification of Europe as a world power, complete moral decay, wars and rumors (or threats) of wars, escalation in the frequency and intensity of earthquakes, the straying of churches from sound biblical doctrine as seen in a large majority of churches these days, Israel surrounded by enemies on all sides, the rise of anti-semitism, and many more. However, think on this, these are signs that His Second coming isn’t far off. But, before His Second coming, the tribulation must happen first, and the rapture of the church prior to the seven year tribulation. Therefore, think about what LU21.28 says that when these things begin to happen, as believers we are to look up (look to Him), because our redemption is near, and these things have been happening now for decades and only increasing in frequency and intensity…imagine just how near the rapture is, it is so close, that many will miss it. Jesus said many times that His return for His Bride the Church would be a total surprise MT24.42-46. Most Christians are living their lives with a very tight grip on this world. All I can say is that as Christians we are in the world, but not of it. Because the large majority of the Church is not on alert to His return 24/7, it will catch most by surprise, and believe me, surprised they will be. Don’t be one of those that is caught by surprise…MT25.13.

If you don’t know who Jesus Christ is, this can be some of the worst news you’ve ever heard, but, as a true believer in Jesus Christ, this is the best news ever!

As I close this second part of the Rapture series, I want to encourage you to look to the Lord as your savior if you haven’t already. Remember that things in the world seem to be falling apart, but, I want to assure you that they are actually falling into place just as the Lord predicted they would thousands of years ago. It’s all in the Bible, and, if most of us would get off our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and into the Bible, we would be better equipped to know the times and seasons that we are living in!. As I mentioned in part one, the rapture is an event reserved only for believers in Jesus Christ. It is an exclusive event.

If you want to know how what it means to know God, His plan of salvation and the redemption He offers through His Son Jesus Christ, go HERE! Don’t let today pass you by without making Jesus Christ the Lord of your life. It is a decision you will never regret!

Until Part 3, be blessed and keep on!

to be continued…

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