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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Waiting is one of the hardest things to do as believers. We often times, more than not, want things, and we want them now. But, in the life of the believer, God will teach us to wait for things for our own good. It always leads to something better for us.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. —Psalm 27:14


One of the things that the Lord has taught me through all of this, is that one of the hardest things to do as human beings, especially in this day and age, is to wait. We live in an instant society…we expect all things to be instant, and we get impatient or lose our tempers if and when they aren’t. Think about it, information at our fingertips. Fast food just about everywhere you go. Instant sharing of pictures and videos with others using our phones. We can even watch movies on them, order goods on them. We have movies on demand - no one has to sit through commercials anymore with Netflix or Hulu. We can watch an entire season in just one sitting. Our internet connections are never fast enough for us. We use credit cards to buy things because we want it now (no matter how much debt you might be accruing). We can get instant answers on google, same day deliveries and so on and so forth. Waiting is NOT our societies strength, yet the Lord’s timetable is more often than not very different from ours. We want it now, He says later. And so, we have to learn the art of waiting on Him! Trust me, if you do things your way, it will take way longer, and you’ll end up back at the beginning again once your way did not work out.

I imagine that if we would trust (#trust) the Lord and wait on Him, a lot of things in the world and in our lives would be much different. I know for sure I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes. I would have saved myself a lot of heartache and headaches.

Okay, back to the journey. Now that the brand image looked the way the Lord wanted it, I was ready to roll. But, nothing rolled. The brand lived on my computer for the next two years. I was puzzled. Often times I would get super discouraged, borderline depressed. Finances were beyond tight, a lot of times non-existent. But, like I said before, God’s timetable isn’t ours. I will tell you this, waiting builds patience, and patience builds perseverance. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was what the Lord wanted me to do, and that is what I leaned on, the assurance that the Lord would see His Word through and come to fruition. That’s exactly what He’s doing.


It’s been an entire year of a lot of work. Once the Lord is ready to move, things fall in to place a lot easier, and the process is not as bumpy. What you see here with Serpents & Doves® is by no means the finished product. It is a constant evolution of fashion, creativity, design, functionality and art. It is a fusion of both my passion for all things creative and a life dedicated to sharing the greatest message of all time: the love of Jesus Christ and the redemption only He can give through the free gift of salvation. His message is embraced by some and rejected by many...MT71314.

Since we are His Ambassadors, we’ve therefore been ‘sent out’ in one way or another to share the Gospel to the world, acting in one accord.

We are the Serpents & Doves® Worldwide Gospel Collective™.

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